Sports journalism has always been about providing a tactful analysis of sports. Conveying the highlights of an event appropriately, thus focusing on key issues that differentiate the ordinary from the top-notch when it comes to sports journalism. Here are some of the best sports journalists of all time:

1. Kenny Albert

Kenny Albert comes from a family known for sports. Son of the legendary sportscaster, Marv Albert, he has had a long-standing career as a field reporter, announcer, and sports commentator in games and on TV shows. Kenny is currently the only Fox broadcaster doing play-by-play for all major areas (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL). As a sports personality, Albert has been nominated for the Sports Emmy Award.

2. Carolina Guillen

Carolina Guillen has quickly become one of the most versatile reporters in sports. Born in Venezuela, Guillen holds a degree in Mass Communication. She currently works as a journalist and writer at ESPN. With her focus on soccer and tennis, she has become one of the most influential sports personalities on social media.

3. Jonathan Wilson

This British journalist is considered one of the most influential sports personalities. His critically acclaimed and award-winning books give thoughtful insights into the world of sports. The formal football correspondent has written features for The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and is currently the main football columnist for The Observer. He is the founder and current editor of the football journal The Blizzard.

4. Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly is an American sportswriter and an award-winning journalist. This New York bestselling author is a member of the US National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Hall of Fame. He has worked for Sports Illustrated and is currently a columnist at ESPN.

5. Dana Jacobson

Michigan born Dana Jacobson is a CBS correspondent. She also reports on the CBS sports network, as well as work as a co-host on CBS This Morning Saturday. This award-winning journalist has served as an ESPN anchor and has been part of CBS since 2013, covering a variety of sports assignments. She has covered NBA, winter and summer X Games, and the Olympics.

Finding the right sports journalists to cover a story is a crucial part of professional sports. Thoughtful analysis and on spot reporting can change a story into a highlight for sports enthusiasts and bring attention to important issues that go beyond the playground. That is why well-known journalists have a big impact on the world of sports.