The requirement for the best running shoes for women is more essential than it has ever been for millions of women routinely jogging. In reality, according to statistics, the worldwide running distance increased by six hundred million miles – 1.9 billion opposed to 1.6 billion in 2019. Obviously, people are walking/jogging more often, more regularly. The best!

Now that the weather is warming up, there has never been a better opportunity to stock up on summer running gear. As long as you’re well prepared (think water bottle and sunscreen), the only detail left to nail is your outfit.

Additionally, choosing the best running shoes for you is just as critical as maintaining proper form and technique. (And, yeah. This also involves completing your running warm-up and cool-down.)

Good Running Shoes: Why so Important?

Choosing the best running shoes for women is critical, as a qualified strength coach and footwear specialist Emma Kirk-Odunubi emphasizes, particularly since various runs need diverse footwear:

‘As your mileage rises, many individuals want a higher degree of cushioning in their footwear. For runners of (rescheduled) half-marathons or marathons, having more cushioning over greater distances may be beneficial.’ And the same is true for training if confinement has substantially increased your mileage.

However, we understand: running shoes have become an investment, and the asking price often exceeds the amount allocated for shoes. With that in mind, we’ve curated a selection of the finest and most stylish newest women’s running sneakers so that you can purchase can a fair look at what the market has to offer.

Difference Between Women’s and Men’s feet?

When comparing women’s and men’s running shoes, we should first consider the differences in foot form. The most significant distinction between men’s and women’s feet is the connection between the forefoot and the heel, called the foot’s ‘ball.’ Women often have a smaller heel in comparison to their ‘ball girth,’ or the diameter of the foot’s ball.

Women’s Shoes are Softer and lighter: Why?

To begin, women’s shoes possess a few traits that might or might not appeal to you. You may like men’s footwear, just like some men may prefer a ‘women’s shoe. The footwear designs rely on broad group trends, such as the fact that the women have less muscle mass than males and therefore weigh less. As a result, women’s shoes seem to have a lighter, softer midsole to compensate for the shoe’s reduced level of impact with each step.

Why Do Women Run Differently?

Researchers discovered that since women’s hips are typically broader than men’s, their feet are more likely to hit the ground on the outside of their shoe bottoms. Pronation is the consequence of this inward sliding of the foot, which reveals why several women are thought to overpronate than males. Certain women’s running shoes accommodate for this greater proclivity by using a range of materials for stability and comfort across the sole.

According to biomechanist Kate Bednarski’s research, highly competitive female runners (those who run 50 kilometers or more per week) also had higher arches and smaller heels than that of the typical female.

Looking for Women’s Shoes? Lookout for These

Here is a few things to keep in mind while looking for the best women running shoes:


This provides a softer sensation underfoot and promotes ground-contact steadiness.


Lighter shoes offer less cushioning, which results in a greater bounce off the ground. They’re made for quick splits and strong runs. For longer distances, go for heavier, more cushioned shoes.


This refers to the differential in cushioning between the back and forefoot. The smaller the drop, the better suited the shoe is to a fast running style. Speed shoes typically feature a 4mm drop.

Top 11 Best Running Shoes for Women

1. Adidas Ultraboost 21

This shoe is made for extended, steady runs. This version has a Boost midsole with 6% more foam, a Primeknit upper created of recycled LEP Plastic insert under the midsole, and ocean plastic that provides 15% more torsional stiffness – giving a firmer ride to assist you in picking up the pace. The top is not as tight as Adidas promises, so if you have a very tiny foot, you may want to try these on first.

Best for: It is best for long runs

2. Asics Gel Contend

Whether you’re a beginner to jogging or just looking for an affordable shoe, the Asics Gel Contend is an excellent option. Our testers complimented the shoe’s comfy fit and airy mesh top, while the midsole provides enough cushion and support while maintaining an appropriate level of responsiveness for an overall enjoyable ride.

Best for: those who want an affordable running option
Price: $82

3. Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next %

Paula Radcliffe reportedly called this sneaker her favorite new shoe, and it’s easy to understand why.  This shoe is intended to be a more casual variation of the Alphafly Next%, and there is so much happening with it that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Perhaps to conclude: if you can afford it and are prepared to feel somewhat silly as you line up at the beginning of the race, it will shave significant time off your personal best (and make pre-race preparation that much more enjoyable).

Best for: It is best for speedwork
Price: $235

4. Brooks Adrenaline 21

Brooks Adrenaline fans should be pleased to learn that this shoe is still the best running shoe for women it has always been. If you haven’t tried it before, this is an incredibly cushioned shoe intended for long runs. The main difference from version 20 is DNA Loft which has been stretched from heel to toe to provide a softer, more buoyant ride. Although it is categorized as a stability shoe due to the guide rails wrapping around the outside of the shoe, it attracted neutral runners throughout the test. It’s an excellent marathon shoe, particularly if you’re a runner whose form deteriorates as you tire in the closing kilometers.

Best for: Running marathons
Price: $120

5. Allbirds Dasher Wool Mizzle

If you worry about the environment you’ll like the Allbird Dasher – constructed from renewable organic elements,’ the shoe emits 9 kilograms of carbon dioxide each pair throughout manufacture, manufacturing, and disposal. This is a 30% savings over the typical running shoe. It’s very comfy and light underneath, and there’s now also a winter variant that’s meant to keep your feet dry while you splash through the watery ground.

Best for: Those trying to eliminate their carbon footprint
Price: $166

6. Nike React Infinity Run FK2

Nike launched the Infinity React last year, claiming it might help runners avoid injuries. Fans of the original will be happy to learn that the only alteration is to the upper, which now has more padding around the tongue. There was unanimous praise for the padding (on the firm side), ventilation, and stability throughout our test. If you’re a novice to jogging, this is an excellent choice for many workouts. They are a sturdy workhorse for training runs for experienced runners.

Best for: It is best for long runs
Price: $190

7. Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

If you’re searching for a plush, soft shoe to use on long, leisurely runs, look no further. Our testers characterised the Nike Zoom X Invincible Run as ‘fun,’ and it’s easy to understand why: the massive amount of cushioning ensured their feet felt comfortable, which means they don’t have to think about how to land, where to put their feet, or anything else – they could simply run. Nike claims they’re an excellent marathon training footwear, and when many testers reported experiencing reduced muscular soreness after a lengthy run, we’d have to agree.

Best for: It is best for Recovery miles
Price: $220

8. Brooks Levitate 4

The Brooks Levitate is one of the best running shoes for women and an excellent choice for both beginners and runners of the marathon. This is footwear that just does the job. While £140 is not inexpensive, the shoe is very robust and exhibited less deterioration after several hundred kilometers than many of its fiercest rivals; the comfort and cushion remained constant.

Best for: It gets the job done
Price: $140

9. Saucony Guide 14

While this is not a shoe for sprinting, the Saucony Guide 14 is an excellent option for overpronators and larger runners. It has redesigned outsole grooves, which allow for a more seamless transition from heel to toe.  This is excellent long-run footwear for newcomers to regular overpronating runners.

Best for: Overpronators and Heavier runners
Price: $170

10. Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

Unlike the other shoes on this list, Asics has included gender-specific torsion-control mechanisms under the midsole — the version for the females has a 13mm heel/toe drop, while the men’s equivalent features a 10mm heel/toe drop. This is a great all-around training shoe, with exceptional cushioning and ease underfoot.

Best for: Perfect for everyday running
Price: $215

11. Hoka One One Rocket X

If you’re searching for a shoe to assist you to break your personal best in a race, look no further. The Hoka One One Rocket X is our coolest modern shoe in 2021, and it was the first sneaker we can recall earning a perfect score in a group testing procedure. This is one of Hoka’s lightest shoes, with a low-slung, tight fit and a thin carbon fiber plate. Sizing is unisex; choose your standard running footwear size.

Best for: Best for the race day
Price: $190