Paying bills through checks makes life easier but let’s say it loud – it does come with a price tag attached to it! Although the cost may not be high still, as the saying goes; nothing comes free in the present times!

There is a consistent increase in peer-to-peer payment systems such as Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle, still, the need for checks these days is irreplaceable. The Federal Reserve also reported that the number of checks which are used in 2015 was nearly estimated to 18 billion. Maybe your landlord likes to receive payment in an old-fashioned way. Perhaps if you run a small business that deals with transactions in the form of checks, then you are in the correct place as we will be guiding you through the best place to order checks online.

Getting checks directly from a bank is the expensive route, there are cheaper options available especially in the online market where you can find low-priced suppliers of checks after a little homework and investigation.

Here are some of the most reputable companies for you to choose the best place to order checks online

Overall best: Checks in the mail

Checks in the mail is a very reputable company when it comes to buying and selling checks online. On average, it sells about a billion checks per year across the country.

The site has various features and offers as many as 200 different styles of checks which often include coupon codes. They take pride in taking an initiative that attracts new customers to find even more discounts associated with the checks bought online.

The starting price for a box of single personal checks is $25.25. Some designs are labeled at just $7.25 but for them, the minimum order is 25 checks. For people who don’t often use paper checks, a box of 25 checks is an ideal option.

Check in the mail also offers a wide array of checks such as business checks, high-security checks.

Security checks: Costco checks

Costco checks provide its customers a wide variety of different options of checks but the only issue is that it normally deals in bulk checks, the smallest order which Costco offers is 200 checks.

The company has a reputable name when it comes to security and high-security checks. One of the biggest bonuses offered by Costco is free delivery. Once you become an executive member, you can also save up to 20% on every order.

Costco’s high-security business checks are offered in 25 different features, which is a lot more than what other competitors offer. The Costco checks include visible and invisible fibers made out of fluorescent, having heat-sensitive ink, watermarks, and holograms infused in them.

The starting price of a 200 box of single checks at Costco is $29.03.

Valued best: Carousel checks

It is very hard to beat the price that Carousel checks offer – 125 checks in mere $6.99. The website offers designed checks also on a slightly pricier side. The plain sides are cheap but the designed ones start from $19.99 per box. And if you buy them in bulk, you get even cheaper prices.

Customized best: Walmart checks

Walmart is a big name when it comes to bargainable goods especially for groceries but little is known that the Walmart website offers real bargains on checks as well. The site’s cheapest rate is $8.46 for a box of 150 checks with absolutely zero shipment fee. The checks come in different designs such as landscape, animal, pop culture, and nature. And if that is not enough, you can customize your checks with your photo or logo. The customized checks start from $16.46.

Best advantage checks: CheckAdvantage

CheckAdvantage has one of the biggest check selections in the market. It has over 2500 design options and the company also gives an “on-time guarantee”, that is the checks will be shipped in three working days.

CheckAdvantage has a huge range of original designs having their photographers and artists. The prices are also very reasonable and the starting price is $14.65 for 100 checks.

Best business checks: Sam’s Club Checks

Sam’s club is an excellent warehouse that offers membership to its loyal customers for dense discounts on bulk buying. The customers are usually business owners who are always in need of a large number of checks provided their business commitments, this is exactly what Sam’s club offers. For instance, a business owner can buy 660 checks for $34.68, how cheap can it get?

They also offer a variety of other options such as software compatible checks and accounting programs checks etc. They also have a wide range of personal checks available at inexpensive rates.

Best customer support checks: Bradford exchange

Bradford exchange offers approximately 800 exclusive designs for checks including famous cultural icons like Elvis Presley, Lucille Ball, patriotic wallpapers, and much more. The site is user-friendly in terms of navigation and offers crystal clear directions regarding the features, prices, and shipment options.

Bradford exchange offers as much as 70% off on the bank checks and the starting price is $19.95 for a box of 120 checks.

Final verdict

If you plan to order checks without physically visiting a bank then you should select a company that is affordable and also well-reputed in the market. Out of all the above-mentioned options, the best place to order checks online is Checks in the mail, as it’s a reliable company with a variety of designs and cater minimum individual orders as well while offering a very competitive price.