Having a much larger screen than that of a mobile phone is the ideal platform to use it for office and productivity. Let’s have a look at top productivity Apps and best Office Program for Android Tablets.

What are the best applications to get the most out of an Android tablet?  Having a much larger screen than that of a mobile phone is the ideal platform to use it for office and productivity.

AirDroid: AirDroid is the ideal app to connect your tablet to your PC and transfer files, access your contacts, messages, photos, calls, and even remotely control your Android device’s camera.

Blue Mail: The email application can unify all our email accounts and manage them from a single place. It is compatible with all major email platforms. You can configure IMAP, and POP3 accounts and it offers very orderly navigation.

Autodesk Sketchbook: If you are looking for an application to draw and make sketches and illustrations, it takes a while to install Sketchbook.

Files by Google: A very simple file manager for those who do not need much fanfare in managing files and folders on their device. The good thing about Files by Google is that it is also a fantastic cleaning tool, with which we can erase all junk files, application cache, apps that we do not use, duplicate files, and much more. Perfect to free up space and especially recommended if the tablet does not have much storage capacity.

Adobe Photoshop Express: A “light” version of the classic desktop Photoshop that works as a fast but very versatile image editor. With this free tool, we can correct perspectives, eliminate distraction from photos, create backgrounds, and add texts, and more.

Feedly: The best way to stay informed and follow the publications of your favorite websites and blogs. Feedly is an RSS feed reader that allows us to filter and read publications in a much more comfortable and organized way and offers one of the best apps to read the news on Android Tablet.

Microsoft Office: The best office suite for Android Tablets. Although Microsoft has been offering mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more on Android for years, with the Microsoft Office suite we have all those applications in one place. If you don’t use it, we can also install other alternative suites such as WPS Office, another of those essential apps.

Flipboard: Another news app that we can’t ignore either. If order and reading prevail in Feedly, Flipboard is trying to get as close as possible to the experience of reading a magazine, with a modern and elegant interface. Do not install the Flipboard widget on the home screen of your tablet as it consumes a good deal of battery.