The Internet has altered our perception of news. Rather than relying on a television executive or newspaper publisher to decide what is relevant for us and then purchasing their product, we are now able to surf the waves of the Web in search of the news that matters most to us. There are many news websites accessible, and keeping track of them all can be difficult.

In this list, we’ll discuss the best news apps for Android that will help you keep organized, informed, and find the news you’re looking for. There is an aspect of deception in this. Certain news organizations have a partisan bias and have misreported news to that effect. As a result, we do not recommend specific news organizations such as CNN, Fox News, or related entities. Crowdsourcing is your best choice for factually correct material. Here are the 12 best news apps!

  1. Associated Press (AP News)

Cost: None

AP News is one of android’s best news apps. It gathers news from a variety of outlets, including hundreds of local and national sources. The user interface is simple and functional, and you can access news on a range of subjects, including culture, leisure, technology, and sports. It is not ideal for politics, but it is better than the majority. The application is fully free but comes with advertisements. The advertisements are a little irritating, but nothing too extreme.

  1. Feedly

Cost: Free for the first month / $9.99 a month

Feedly is one of the most widely used news applications available. It is a reader for RSS feeds. This ensures that you can gather information from a multitude of websites and outlets. The objective is to build your own news network based on sources you trust. It integrates with a variety of platforms, including IFTTT, Facebook, Twitter, OneNote, Evernote, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Additionally, you can access your feed through their website on your cell phone or device. It’s a rock-solid alternative with a record of over 40 million feeds. Only the commercial is a drawback. If you pay the subscription fee, it’s a little high.

  1. Pocket

Cost: Free / $4.99 monthly / $44.99 annually

Pocket is one of the most distinctive news applications available. It is devoid of content. However, it can save every material that you come across during the day. You’re almost certain to come across something on Facebook, Twitter, or in a conversation that you’re unable to read right now. You can save it to Pocket and return to it later to read it. It supports offline browsing, has an adequate reading experience, and has several exploration tools as well. Subscriptions are available to power consumers. It includes an unrestricted storage capacity, a tag system to aid in organization, text-to-speech reading, and additional functionalities for PC.

  1. Flipbook

Cost: None

Flipboard is another common news app. It functions similarly to Feedly. You may generate a personalized stream from your preferred news outlets, websites, and other locations. Flipboard is a bit more flashy than Feedly. It features engaging graphics, big pictures, and a user interface reminiscent of a print journal. Additionally, it has features for topics like exploration. Its recommended news element is utter nonsense, but the rest of it is very good. Additionally, it is absolutely free of cost, if that helps.

  1. Inoreader

Cost: None

Inoreader is a very recent news tool. It functions similarly to Feedly. You get a customizable newsreader. It comes with 28 pre-made topics for those who don’t want to look for sources on their own. The app supports offline reading, has a reasonable range of subjects, and keeps track of what you read. It is not as comprehensive as Feedly. However, it is a viable option for those who do not want to spend too much time setting up their feed. It is entirely free to download.

  1. Microsoft News

Cost: None

Microsoft News is a remarkably capable Android news aggregator. However, it functions similarly to the majority. You open the window, pick your interests, and are presented with a feed of news selected by Microsoft employees. The service maintains automatic synchronization between the client and the internet to ensure cross-platform compatibility. Additionally, you get a dark theme, the option to bookmark posts, and a decent balance of left and right-leaning political news pages. There is truly a wealth of information here if you take the time to read it

  1. Podcasts Addict

Cost: None

Podcast Addict is an excellent all-in-one news application. It’s a hybrid between an RSS reader and a podcast application. It has a library of 450,000 podcasts. Additionally, you will subscribe to almost every news outlet. The software has support for radio playlists, categorizes news feeds, Chromecast, and also YouTube and Twitch platforms. There are superior podcast applications ( Doggcatcher, Pocket Casts, Castbox, etc.) and superior RSS applications (Flipboard and Feedly). Nothing, though, does a great job at combining the two than this one.

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  1. Reddit

Cost: Free / $3.99/month / $29.99/year

Reddit bills itself as the Internet’s front page. That is, to a large extent, real. The majority of trending news stories wind up on Reddit. You can get subscribed to subreddits that enable you to view content based on your interests. There is a subreddit about almost everything, from clothes to technology, from Android to iOS, and everything in between. The official application does an adequate job. It lacks a slew of advanced features. However, it does an excellent job at capturing the fundamental feeling. At times, the community may feel a bit vapid. However, it is one of the best news applications and groups in the market. The available monthly membership unlocks new functionality and eliminates advertisements.

  1. SmartNews

Cost: None

SmartNews is a very recent news app. It operates similarly to a large number of its rivals, including News360, News Republic, and other newsreaders. It literally sifts through a plethora of news reports and suggests the most common subjects. Yes, it is one of them. The advantage is that you get the headlines that everybody is discussing. The bad news is that it lacks the configuration flexibility we need. Additionally, it relies mostly on opinion bloggers rather than news sites on a number of subjects, which we disliked. It’s beneficial for certain items and detrimental to others. However, it is probably the most news websites will do these days.

  1. Twitter

Cost: None

Twitter is arguably the strongest outlet for news on social media. It is one of the only websites that still displays articles chronologically. As a result, it will inform you of current events. It includes topics that are trending, hashtags, and other features for exploration. You basically pursue the sources that interest you. Their most recent updates would then appear in your feed. A number of people on Twitter are of bad nature and there is also a rage of trashy posters and blogs. However, anyone who can read between the lines can discover the newest and best items easier than in any other place. Additionally, the buttons for block and mute assist in weeding out the undesirables.

  1. Local News Apps

Cost: None (usually)

Local news applications are mostly very nice. They place a greater emphasis on events occurring in your neighborhood. The majority of people are preoccupied with global news. Occasionally, we lose track of what is going on in our own neighborhoods. By and large, these applications are straightforward. They simply broadcast the news and, on occasion, the weather. Along with television outlets, more areas would have independent newspapers with mobile applications. The Columbus Dispatch, for example, has its own app. At times, these applications are fantastic. Occasionally, they are not. Local news is also important.

  1. Android Authority application

Cost: None

It’s a very cool app. It’s a good spot to keep up with the latest tech news from the Android community. This covers ratings, news, best lists, and op-eds, as well as everything else its staff comes up with. Material Design is used to create the GUI. Additionally, it contains connections to its podcast, YouTube page, and other resources. It is completely free to download and has no in-app transactions.


If you want to keep updated on current events, you might download the software for any major news organization. However, it would be overwhelming. Other than that, simplify your life by locating an excellent news aggregator from the list of best news apps given above.

These news applications aggregate content from a variety of outlets and include a variety of storytelling styles, as not every news comes from the New York Times or a local news channel.

If you want to stay updated with the latest news, select any of your desired applications from the above list of the best news apps and find the right personalized news experience for you.