With each passing minute, the costs of maintaining a cell phone are rising by a disproportionate amount. From the ever-increasing maintenance costs to the exorbitant bills, it is proving to be no less than a hassle.

You are undoubtedly forced to spend a large portion of your income to pay your cell phone bill. However, you can put a halt to this cycle by searching for low-cost cell service plans and picking the one most suitable for your telecommunication needs.

At present, there are several renowned mobile carriers, as well as new carriers, who are offering reasonable pricing structures. If you’re lucky, you can even get your hands on a plan that costs you as low as $10. To help you in the search process, we have compiled a list of some of the best low-cost cell service plans below.

Cheapest: $ 10 per Month

Numerous carriers offer an all-inclusive plan which allows people to text, talk and use data, all under a mere $10. If you want to enjoy these perks without worrying about the rising bills, read on to find some of the best low-cost cell service offers.


For someone who’s working on a tight budget, the plans offered by Tello are the perfect fit.  The best part about these plans is that you can customize the features of your choice at an extremely affordable price. You can pick and choose the features you want and the ones picked will make up your total bill at the end of the month.

Whichever plan you choose, Tello’s prices will remain affordable. For instance, the company offers 1GB of data, along with unlimited texting and free minutes- all for $10. Could it get any better than this?

You can even save more by slashing your daily calling and texting limit down and using the standard Tello 4G package. Moreover, there is no additional fee and you can make amendments to your plan at any given time.


Easy to purchase and affordable, RedPocket is a fabulous low-cost cell service option if you want to spend $10 or less on your monthly phone bill. The company offers a variety of different plans, but its best deal is still the $10 Plan. Wondering what this offer includes?

At just $10, it provides users with a total of 500 minutes, 500 MB of LTE data, and 500 text messages. However, it doesn’t end here. The RedPocket plan also comes without any extra fee charges and is devoid of contracts.

The best part about choosing this low-cost cell service is that you get a new sim for free so that you can keep your current phone handy. Thus, it is a mix of all things great and at an even better price.

Moderate: $ 11 to $ 20 per month

Although the plans under $10 are economical and noteworthy, you can try to opt for a slightly more expensive plan if your budget allows. We have picked the two best low-cost cell service offers out of a list of many.

Republic Wireless

The company gives out two affordable packages that fall between the $11-$20 per month range. Both these plans are not just useful but are worthy of their price. You can pick the plan of your choice from the Talk & Text Plan which gives users unlimited text messages and calls for a mere $15, or you could go for the 1GB plan which offers the features offered by the latter, as well as 1GB for 4G data on $20 per month.

The company’s plans vary from traditional service carrier plans, where a sign-up gives you the chance to either order a new phone or get a SIM kit. If you choose to avail of the latter, your current phone can be used. Your kit will then be used to activate the plan and you’d be welcomed into the world of unlimited benefits.

Mint Mobile

Over time, Mint Mobile has gained immense recognition, particularly for offering many affordable plans. Unlike other low-cost cell services, the company offers users a three-month plan. All you have to do is pay a price in the beginning and then reap the benefits of your investment as you go. If you are satisfied with the service, just renew the package and continue to save on your monthly phone bills.

The best plan for Mint Mobile is the standard 3GB plan at $45 for three months. If you choose to avail of this plan, you get a seamless 5G cell service and 3GB of data. However, the price mentioned above is only for new users. Once you have exhausted the three months plan, the total cost of the offer would rise to $75 for three months. Despite the rise in cost later, the Mint Mobile plan is hard to resist.

Therefore, it can be concluded that many low-cost cell service plans exist in the market. Do keep in mind that this article only covers a few of the most notable plans. While making your purchase decision, it is important to do a survey of your own and conclude the best possible option. We wish you the best of luck in your hunt for an affordable plan!