Some states in the United States are known to be more likely to have fewer chances of having a health insurance policy. The rate of infant mortality is twice as more as high in the thirteen states of the United States as in Vermont. The child immunization rate of children is the lowest in the state of Georgia. Therefore, it’s vital for you to know which are the best and worst insurance companies in USA.

The United States has been a victim of the low quality of its healthcare system. The citizens of America mostly end up having to pay huge debts due to health care policies and lack of insurance.

Health insurance policies are there to cover for you in the worst of times. It’s like an assurance you have for yourself your family that if things go bad there will be financial coverage. It helps to reduce the costs that you suffer at such times and to make sure you come out of it without having to face devastation. By comparison of all the companies, a contrast can be made, and suitable coverage can be decided based upon the benefits and the financial viability.

Important things to consider before getting insurance

1. Financial affordability is important but more important is what plan would suit your needs.

2. Always look at the rating services of a company before picking a plan.

3. If you travel a lot then pick a plan that has access to a variety of doctors.

Comparison of 3 best healthcare companies

United HealthCare

According to the national association of insurance commissioners, the united Healthcare has a very large market share reaching up to about 14.7%. This gives them the maximum reach to about 6 states across America and the largest insurance network. It also provides for its customers a very efficient online portal. It also caters to its customers through a mobile application that is easy to use. Doctors are accessible at all times through the application. The pricing structure of the policies are very ranging, it provides low-cost plans for people who can’t afford higher payments.

The drawbacks of the company include a very long wait for getting the desired plan. The customer satisfaction ratings for the company are average.


Humana is another big insurance company that has 5.06% shares of the entire market. It is also known to be a very amazing insurance company. It provides many benefits for older customers as it does not increase the premium for them based on age. It also has many low-cost plans with a wide coverage area.

The drawback is the limited options for the list of pharmacies. Hence, customers are limited to their options.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

These insurance companies cover 6.07% of the market share. It has a large network in 50 states, allowing huge discounts for its members.

The cons include cost variations because of the differences in states. Their customer services are very weal and reaching to the representative can be a hard task.