According to a report of Pubmed, it has been identified that “A larger portion of the older women do not consume sufficient amounts of nutrients either from the supplements or the diet they are in-taking”. However, Dr. Jeff, a renowned nutritionist in California believes that women over the age of 50 have higher needs for specific nutrients as it is optimal to bone health. Women must include magnesium, vitamin, and calcium in their diet as they have just faced menopause.

It is believed and theorized that women over 50 should consume multivitamin which is necessary for meeting the initial requirements for minerals, vitamins, and significant nutrients. Most importantly, a couple of multivitamins are specifically made for women who are falling in this age bracket.

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), the following criteria should be used for ranking the best multivitamins.

  • Purity and quality from the manufacturer
  • Nutrients bioavailability
  • Elimination of unnecessary ingredients such as colors, sweeteners, and filers
  • Should be trusted by dietitians, doctors, and professionals.

Here are some of the recommendations for the best multivitamin for women over 50.

Alive vitamins for women are known to be a balanced multivitamin that is an excellent choice for women above 50 age who require an extra boost of nutrients.

Alive vitamins for women

Alive vitamins for women are believed to be ultra-potency multivitamins which offer a high potency blend of vitamins and different nutrients which will “help to support bone health, eye health, immune health, heart health, and daily energy.”

The ultra-high potency vitamins are formulated with up to 20 essential minerals and vitamins including lutein and boron. They are a must for women as the high potency B-vitamins support the daily cellular energy.

Let’s have a look at some of the best alive vitamins for women available in the market, which will help you in balancing your nutritional needs as well as keep you healthy and steady round the clock!

Centrum silver multivitamin

Centrum silver is a high-end supplement brand that is entrusted by nutritionists and health practitioners globally. This is a blend of different vitamins including folate, magnesium, and B12 which is essential for women of this age. If you are already using this brand then there is no need to switch as it is a complete package that helps you to become lively! It also offers daily vitamins for women which will keep them on top of their health. Another interesting characteristic of Centrum Silver is based on easy-to-swallow, being a non-GMO alongside gluten-free.

One A Day 50+ Healthy advantage alive vitamins

The One A Day 50+ healthy advantage; as the name suggests is an age-specific vitamin blend uniquely formulated to aid the nutritional needs required by the body for senior citizens who are 50 or 50 plus. Additionally, it is also composed of compounds that promote healthy aging that includes carotenoid antioxidants. It is mostly loved by women and nutritionists globally. One multivitamin pill every day covers all the nutritional needs.

It also contains vitamin B-6 which is required by women over 50 to maintain a strong immune system. The pill also includes calcium to avoid the bones getting osteoporosis along with other crucial diseases attacking the bones.

Rainbow light 50+ mini-tablet

The rainbow light 50+ mini tablets are completely food-based multivitamins that have an accurate blend of probiotics and enzymes from plants to maintain a healthy gut. It will surely help you in keeping active even at the age of 50 and above.

It includes the traditional nutrients and vitamins along with other probiotics to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Probiotics have recently taken a popular stance to be included in diets.

Rainbow light 50+ mini tablets provide all the needed nutrients daily. It has a unique blend of probiotics extracted from vegetable concentrates as well as the traditionally needed vitamins such as B and D3, making it an excellent choice for supplements.

It also helps in the natural digestion process, provides energy, and gives better calcium absorption along with supporting the immune system and improving the health of the skin, heart, and eye. The vitamins are a complete meal in itself made up of super-nutrient foods.

The multivitamins blends having probiotics makes them improve the digestive system as well as keeping a track of the health. The multivitamins do not cause any allergy and are very easy to swallow. It is the right pill to be used by women who are above 50.

Gummy vitamins- nature’s way alive!

Gummy vitamins – making them irresistible to swallow. Just because you have crossed fifty years, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the pleasures of life. Gummy vitamins are the solution for the aging problems, which you will enjoy while it fulfills the needs of your body.

Nature’s way alive! 50+ premium gummy vitamins are full of nutritional punch. The multivitamins are purely made out of vegetable and fruit blends and it offers a unique mixture of 16 different minerals and vitamins. Every gummy pill has a complete set of B vitamins essential for digestion along with vitamin D for bones and Lutein for the eyes. 

It is the most delicious option available in the market! Moreover, it has no artificial preservative, gelatin, or dairy,  making it completely safe to be taken.

Experts Opinion on best alive vitamins for women above 50

“For women over 50, it is necessary for maintaining adequate bone health to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. Therefore, it is recommended to select a multivitamin, which contains vitamin D that helps protect bones against osteoporosis. Another ingredient which one might look for is CoQ10 that helps in repleting energy levels in the case of high cholesterol.”—Rachel Silverman, a nutritionist.

Hopefully, this specially curated list of multivitamins will help you choose the best option for yourself. Remember, we can’t increase the span of life but we can improvise the quality of life. Take your multivitamins and make a habit of having them daily. The above-mentioned vitamins for women are listed after searching the market and we ensure that it will only benefit you.