With air pollution on the rise, the quality of the air we are breathing has become a serious concern for many people. According to research, up to 96% of homes have some sort of an air quality issue. So, if you’re living in an urban area, chances are the air you’re breathing is filled with microscopic pollutants that are harmful to your health.

All is not lost, however, as there are devices that can help you monitor and control the air around you and make sure you’re breathing the best air possible. Here are our top 10 picks for the best air quality monitors you can get in 2022.

1. Airthings Wave Plus

The Airthings Wave Plus is the first-ever air monitor that checks for Radon levels, a harmful radioactive gas found in nearly all homes. With a battery backup of up to 16 months, you can plug this monitor anywhere in your home and get instant notifications on your smartphone using the Airthings mobile application.

2. Temtop M10

The Temtop M10 uses laser-based technology to detect harmful pollutants in the air. With a battery that lasts up to 6 hours, the M10 sounds an alarm whenever it detects poor air quality.

3. Eve Room

The Eve Room is a minimalistic monitor that rates the air around you on a 5-star scale. With a powerful battery that lasts up to 6 weeks, the Eve Room stores data in the form of graphs that you can access later using its mobile app.

4. Awair Element

The Awair Element is another great monitor that measures air quality based on five categories. This monitor also has the capability to trigger air purifiers in your home using Google Home or Alexa.

5. Awair Glow C

One of the cheapest air quality devices, the Awair Glow C lets you plug your air purifiers and dehumidifiers directly into it. This extremely compact air monitor also comes with a nightlight that you can customize based on your preferences.

6. AirVisual Pro

The AirVisual Pro uses a mix of laser technology and AI to monitor the air around you and smartly present the data in its detailed display. This monitor also compares the indoor air with the external environment.

7. AirMentor 2

The company developing AirMentor 2 claims that it is comparable to professional lab air monitors. With four sensors, the AirMentor 2 is an extremely sensitive air quality device.

8. EG Air Monitor

The EG Air Monitor combines laser technology with electrochemical sensors to provide extremely accurate results. This monitor also uses filters to eliminate interferences for maximum accuracy.

9. uHoo

The uHoo air monitor comes with nine sensors to ensure you’re breathing the cleanest air. This high-tech monitor gives you room-specific insights and easily syncs with your devices.

10. ECOWITT WH0290

The ECOWITT air monitor is a simple, cheap, and user-friendly device that anyone can use. This simplistic monitor tests for PM 2.5, making sure you’re breathing clean.