Berlin – A car plowed into a crowded street in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin resulting in the death of one person and wounding of several others. The driver was detained by the pedestrian and handed over to the police.

Martin Sams, a police spokesman, stated that the investigations are underway to determine the cause of the accident.  It is still too early to determine whether the incident was an accidental one or a deliberate one by the car driver.

Thilo Cablitz, a police spokesperson revealed that “the driver was initially detained by pedestrians and subsequently arrested by an officer on the ground.”

The identity of the car driver is not revealed by the police yet but it is believed that he is a 29-year-old man belonging to the Armenian ethnicity living in Berlin, Germany.

Kevin Bartke, the spokesman for the fire service who was at the place of the incident stated “In total there are five life-threatening injuries and three severely injured, as well as an indefinite number of slightly injured.”

The Fire brigade service notified that about 60 members were available at the scene to assist in rescue operations.

He also revealed that the driver of the car also received medical treatment but the severity of his injuries cannot be determined at the moment.

A German news channel revealed that the car driver is being treated for a head injury in the hospital whereas the deceased person is a teacher.

According to the details, the unfortunate incident took place at the very famous Kurfürstendamm Boulevard which is located in the west of berlin. The car plowed over the sidewalk where a lot of pedestrians were walking and standing by and then crashed into the display window of the drugstore named Douglas.

 Actor John Barrowman who was lucky enough to escape the incident as he was at the scene stated that the situation after the incident was “pretty horrific.” He further added, “I saw somebody being resuscitated, I saw somebody being literally thrown onto a stretcher and put into an ambulance.”

Later on, he uploaded videos also which showcased the emergency services at the scene with hovering helicopters coming to aid the injured people.

“There’s a lot of police, a dead body in the middle of the road,” he said.

The Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey stated on Twitter that she was “deeply affected by this incident” and had asked her residents that “police are working flat out to clarify the matter.”

“I will get an idea of the situation on site during the course of the day. I would like to thank the more than 130 emergency services for their quick response and care for those affected,” she added.