Ben & Jen are currently enjoying their European getaway and the old romance is budding back in full swing! They are enjoying the time in their hands while rekindling their lost love in the picturesque locations of Europe.

Amidst their leisure trip, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted at a renowned jewelry store in Capri, known as Faraone Mennella. According to a store representative, J Lo tried a lot of expensive jewelry items which included earrings and necklaces.

Jennifer Lopez specifically tried a green tourmaline necklace with a price tag of $41,000 but didn’t buy it. She also tried several hoop style earrings which were priced between $1800 to the amount of $2850.

The couple DID NOT check out any ring!!! The couple did not buy anything from the shop officially and checked out empty-handed but the store representative stated that it is a normal ritual of the celeb customers to call back later and get their desired jewelry pieces shipped at their places.

Ben & Jen, termed Bennifer 2.0 have been shopping and taking a lot of pictures across the streets of Capri. Jennifer was seen wearing a necklace with the letters BEN on it along with a white crystal diamond hanging along over the weekend in Portofino – a small town in Italy.

It is to be noted that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are the trendsetters for colored engagement rings. Ben Affleck was the first celebrity to propose a pink 6.10-carat diamond ring by Harry Winston. The ring cost Affleck a mighty $1.2 million at that time, while it blazed Hollywood with a new trend of colored rocks!

The couple reunited approximately a few months ago and have been fast becoming accustomed to each other. Ben & Jen were spotted taking photos and selfies together while flirting around and having fun.

As for now, Ben & Jen did not buy any rock together from Faraone Mennella and that engagement finger is still ringless but how long it will remain like this, that is hard to predict!