Considering US elections 2020, Donald Trump has pulled out another old but gold trick from his magic hat. However, most of the Americans had seen it coming as Trump announced that he will be issuing a list of Supreme Court nominees.

His announcement has been perceived as an attempt to convince Republican voters to rethink their votes in his favor amidst the recent propaganda about his previous judicial appointments.

The use of this strategy to gain Republican voters hasn’t been novel to him as he has previously used to back in 2016 is much more advanced stages of his election.

The primary purpose of the list was to persuade Republican voters to vote for Trump despite his conservative background.

It is believed that this political move by Trump was conceived by him in 2016 in days after the demise of Justice Antonin Scalia. Trump made the names of court judges Pryor and Sykes public on the day of the passing of Antonin Scalia.

Leonard Leo has played a pivotal role in devising the list of judges not only in 2016 elections, but in current elections too. He has served as the Vice President of the Federalist Society and is currently co-chairing the group.

According to him, it is of utmost importance to go through each one of the list member’s prior works to determine their suitability for the position. The works are not the only representative of the member’s take on law and constitution but also the amount of courage the candidate possesses considering the office.

That form of meticulous research on every member’s background takes a toll on the group’s time and effort but according to McGahn, it’s essential as these people will eventually mold America’s future.

To convince the Americans of the credibility of the list, Carrie Severino, who is the Judicial Crisis Network President and a current member of the team behind the issuing list, says that, this time the team is bigger. The bigger team means more expertise for the team to carefully select judges that will head the judicial processes in the country.