The tables have dramatically turned for Barcelona, as they enter to face Bayern Munich as underdogs. Barca is a huge name when it comes to the Champions League, but this year has been rough for the club.

Champions League is one of the most anticipated events, and their audience increases every year. This year is no different especially when fans have to witness the matches from their homes.

Barca vs. Bayern, a few years ago, would have been a clear win for Barca but the situation is different now. Barcelona is facing tough times as they enter this match because Bayern has proved their mettle in the last 19 matches in a row.

Barcelona has seen their good days, but this year after the games resumed after lockdown, it was downhill for Barca. The Club has survived many games, but then again have lost matched to teams like Osasuna.

Bayern, on the other hand, is the favorites of the Champions League, as they enter the stadium beaming with confidence. There are multiple titles in the European region that they have put their names on.

Bayern has eyes on being the Champions this year and they have struggled to become one of the favorites in this season. Bayern strategy to dominate the opponent before the match has worked for them.

Bayern Munich not only dominates the teams outside the stadium, but they hold onto the ball in the stadium as well. They have a good average time on possession in the game.

Seeing a competitive advantage that Bayern has over Barca, it has definitely overshadowed Barca before this match. Bayern will use to their advantage in the game and play with more confidence.

Barcelona’s defense is sloppy, and this lets the opponent come and score at crucial moments in the game. Barcelona’s only way out is to score as soon as they get the opportunity because Bayern is strong enough to count every opportunity.