As La Liga returns after the long corona break, most of the fans are looking forward to a good El Clasico battle. Currently, Barcelona leads Real Madrid by only 2 points with 11 games remaining in the league.

This news comes as a relief to football fans, who have missed these matches, especially during these stressful times. The matches are sure to distract fans from the current situation and enjoy the comeback.

Well, lucky for them, the matches have been scheduled for every day of the week. Football enthusiasts are expecting a tough battle for the title between the two rivals, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Real Madrid might be feeling a bit of resentment as they were not at the top of their game before the league was suspended due to the pandemic. In the last El Clasico, Barcelona was beaten to the ground by Real Madrid by 2-0.

After the win, Real Madrid attained the first place but faced failure in the next match, falling back to second place.

It will be interesting to see how many prominent players perform as they return from injury. It can be expected that Real Madrid might have Eden Hazard and Marco Asensio, whereas Barcelona will have Luis Suarez back in the game. Fans will be pleased to know that Messi is also anticipated to be back in the field.

Since 2010 and 2011, only one team was unable to get the title after being on top in the ranking and that was Real Madrid.

The long break would have its consequences, which we will see in the upcoming days. If we compare both the teams and analyze who is at a greater advantage, Barcelona is considered a favorite.

First of all, the return of Suarez would lift Barcelona’s confidence a lot higher as the player has great potential to turn things around. It depends greatly on the fitness of the key players.

It could be a problem for Real Madrid as the team is playing at the Valdebebas training center, which has a capacity to seat 6,000 people.

If we talk about the head-to-head record, Real Madrid is the favorite in this regard as they won the El Clasico back in December and also the return fixture.

The squad of Real Madrid also looks stable and the fans are excited for a comeback by Real Madrid to get their 34th La Liga title.

To boil it down, both teams look competitive and fans are expecting a good battle between the two as both seem to be in full form.