Authorities in Baltimore, Maryland, have confirmed one fatality and many injuries after a vehicle smashed into a building on Wednesday night.

According to Fox Baltimore, the Baltimore Police Department claimed a pedestrian was critically injured when a vehicle smashed into a home on the corner of East North Avenue and North Wolfe Street.

More than 40 firemen, emergency workers, and at least four firetrucks can be seen in videos recorded at the site clearing the structure of bricks and rubble.

Two bodies may be entombed inside the structure.

According to another local news station, the accident occurred at about 9 o’clock that evening.

The report states that at at 10:30 p.m., officials extricated two vehicles, one black and one red, from the debris. After that, they were taken away by tow truck.

According to the Baltimore firefighters union, five EMS units from the Baltimore County Fire Department also responded.

A person was rescued by firemen and taken to safety, as reported by Baltimore Banner writer Justin Fenton. Whether or whether this person was the one taken to the hospital in the ambulance is now unclear.

According to Dan Belson of the Baltimore Sun, the lone fatality was a guy.

According to the local firefighter’s union, a special rescue squad immediately responded to the crash scene to stabilize the structure and aid in the recovery procedure.

According to the union representatives, at least five medics were sent to the scene of the crash.

Authorities said that the Baltimore Police Department’s Crash Team has also been sent to the collapse scene.

It’s not quite clear whether the police tried to catch up with the stolen vehicle. Officers’ conduct during the event is being looked at.

We’ll look at all the body-worn cameras and any other video to see what in fact happened that caused the vehicle to take off and cause this accident,” a police official informed the public Wednesday night.