Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, known popularly as Bad Bunny, is a singer and songwriter who has given music a new meaning altogether. Having a fanbase of millions, Bad Bunny has swamped the news since yesterday as his fans are furious with him.

The renowned singer is expected to conduct an “El Último Tour del Mundo 2022,” also known as the “The Last World Tour 2022.” Although the concert is set to take place next year, tickets were up for grabs yesterday and the fans remained jovial until they tried to purchase them.

Bad Bunny’s concert tickets went live on Thursday, April 15, and people who wanted to be a part of the hyped music fiesta could purchase it through Ticketmaster. As simple as the process sounds, it was far from what was anticipated, said his fans. The vast majority had to witness long waits and multiple crashes of the site, as even Ticketmaster was not well equipped to face the parade of fans aching to see Bad Bunny live.

Many of these fans took to social media and ranted about their pathetic experience. One such fan tweeted that his experience with buying a ticket was awful to an extent that it dampened all his dreams to see Bad Bunny performing on stage. Another such fan took to Twitter and expressed his deepest sorrows for being unable to get the golden ticket. “Was it just me who cried when Ticketmaster crashed, and I couldn’t get a bad bunny ticket, “said the desolate fan.

Despite the unpleasant experiences of his fans, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. This beacon of light comes in the form of an additional set of tickets which will be put on sale on Friday, April 16 via Ticketmaster once again. This ticket includes a pass to the show at Prudential Center in Newark, as well as shows scheduled for Brooklyn and Philadelphia in March 2022.

Thus, Bad Bunny fans should not lose hope as they still have a good chance to bag that ticket and witness the joy of seeing their music idol performing live on stage.