In March, an unexpected coronavirus case was reported in France. A baby got coronavirus disease before birth in the womb of his mother.

Doctors immediately performed a cesarean when they noticed inflammation in the baby boy’s brain during a normal checkup.

Doctors believed that the virus has transmitted from the mother to the baby. The brain of the baby boy got inflammations after a few days of birth. Doctors reported that the virus reached the baby through the placenta from the mother’s blood.

France’s doctors published a case study in Nature Communications where a few cases were discussed wherein the babies got coronavirus before the birth.

Few pregnant women were tested positive for coronavirus.

Doctors reported that in some cases there were two probabilities, either the virus was transmitted from an infected mother to the baby through the placenta or the baby got the virus during the birth process.

Daniel De Luca who is the director of neonatal critical care and pediatrics at Antoine-Béclère Hospital in Paris said that the virus may get transmitted from infected pregnant women to her baby. We must be aware of the fact that if such cases happen, it will be common.

On 24th March, the mother who was 23 years old admitted to the hospital and had symptoms of coronavirus such as severe cough and fever.

She was tested positive and after a few days, doctors felt some distress when examining the baby and immediately performed a cesarean.

In the stampede of coronavirus, doctors were puzzled and somehow dealt with the case of a newborn baby. The baby made an excellent recovery, said the doctors.