The 2007 icon, Avril Lavigne is back with her pink hair!

Those memes are all over the Internet where the comeback of 2007 icons is seen as nature is healing.

This initially started when a picture of hardcore 2007 icons getting together was released. Lindsay Lohan, who is starring in a movie and just got engaged was seen sitting with Paris Bilton, who recently got hitched, and Britney Spears who just got free from her conservatorship and had an engagement, in a car, while enjoying themselves.

Well, another Queen from the 2007 icons is all set to be on the comeback list.

The Sk8r boi singer, Avril Lavigne, who started the trend of pink dip-dyed hair in 2007, sported them on many occasions but with a twist. Each month the placement of the dye used to change.

Her phases of pink dyed hair have surely made the highlights of 2007s fashion.

In April 2007, she had pastel pink highlights, which soon turned into pink dip dye on one of the sides of her hair.

Later in August of 2007, the Pink dye started framing her face, which she kept until November of 2007.

However, in recent years Avril stopped her stylish pink trend and settled for the full blonde look.

Yet again, the Queen brings her Pink old days back. In a recent post which is from Variety Hitmakers Brunch, where Avril was asked to present the Songwriter of the year Award to Olivia Rodrigo, she is seen sporting skin fitted black outfit paired with her classic dip-dyed pink hair, which she captioned, “Surrounded by badass bitches today. Congrats to all the Hitmakers ! @variety”.

This new era of pink-dip dyed hair is surely proof that nature is healing and the comeback of this trend is surely going to make a highlight in the fashion world once again.