Alexander Treisman, a nineteen-year-old boy got arrested in North Carolina. According to the authorities, the teenager had a van full of guns and an actual checklist with a note.

The note indicated that he had plans to execute Joe Biden. Alexander had also posted a meme on social media about killing the democratic presidential nominee.

The teenager also drove near Joe Biden’s home in a gun filled van. Treisman’s white-colored van was deserted in a bank’s parking lot.

Inside the van, the Police Officials found four rifles and 500,000 dollars in cash. Later on, the police also found two more handguns in Treisman’s car.

Apart from the guns, the van also included drawings of planes crashing into buildings, books about bomb-making and execution, books about survival, and a lot more.

The teenager had thousands of child pornographic images on his laptop and phone. He also had many videos showing child pornography.

The documents from the Federal Court say that Triesman posted a meme about killing Joe Biden. He also searched for his home address. On the teenager’s hard drive, officials found a document named ‘A guide to a mass shooting.’

A video on his cell phone showed him appreciating the shooting that took place in a casino in Las Vegas. It was the site of one of the most horrifying mass shooting in America and the teenager seemed to appreciate it as he went to that place.

The teenager pleaded not guilty to child pornography. It hasn’t been made evident whether he will face any charges for the threats or the guns that he owned. Right now, the nineteen-year-old is behind the bars and will not be able to get bail according to his detention order.