A large forest fire that spans 2,500 acres is now being fought by crews in Manchester Township, Ocean County.

As of the morning of Wednesday, officials reported that the fire has spread over 2,500 acres and is just 10% controlled.

On Tuesday night, a mandatory evacuation order was given to people living on Division Street in Lakehurst; however, at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning, homeowners were permitted to return to their homes when the order was lifted.

Both the New Jersey Forest Fire Service and the Joint Base Fire Department are now attempting to bring the fire that is currently raging along Route 539 and Horicon Avenue under control. The fire is currently burning on private, state, and federal land .

At this time, routes 539 and 70 are both blocked; route 539 is closed between Buckalew Drive and Horicon Road, and route 70 is closed between Route 539 and Lakehurst Circle in both directions.

According to the authorities, there are now seventy-five buildings that might be destroyed by the fire. Backfire activities are now being carried out.

There have been no reports of any injuries.

An investigation has not yet been completed to determine what started the fire.