Atlanta – a man, was shot dead inside a Range Rover in the vicinity of the Midtown parking garage, authorities reported.

“DEADLY MIDTOWN SHOOTING: An officer investigating the sound of gunfire found a man shot to death inside a vehicle parked in a parking garage near a popular Midtown Atlanta nightlife area,” FOX 5 Atlanta Tweeted.

At around 2:00 am an off duty working county officer heard gunshots fired at the 12th and Crescent Avenue. Upon reaching the location, the officer found a man with a gunshot wound inside a white color Range Rover.

The victim has been identified as a 28-year-old. He was a passenger in the car, said Homicide commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk. He further told a news outlet that the officials are currently at the scene, and they have retrieved a surveillance video.

“All the parties and pieces we need at this point are here on scene and we’ll work through the night to determine the rest of the circumstances,” said Woolfolk.

The Midtown area where the shooting incident happened is famous for its night life.

Police officials are not sure yet whether the shooting is related to any of the nearby clubs.

“A man in the passenger seat of a car was shot and killed here along 12th st in Midtown while he was leaving a parking garage less than a block from the Traffik night club. PD has not confirmed if he was leaving the club,” a reporter Tweeted.

Police are currently looking into the matter that what event led up to the shooting.

“We are going to work complete timeline back to see where they were coming from and exactly what was going on,” Woolfolk stated.