Eight people were injured in a racetrack crash in Fabens, Texas when a racing vehicle barged into the crowd breaking the guardian barriers.

According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, around 6:35 pm, a vehicle skidded from the mud track and jam crashed into a guardian rail straight into the spectators.

The official news statement said, “the preliminary investigation revealed one of the vehicles due to unknown reasons left the mud-track striking and breaking through a guard rail”.  Three people were shifted to the hospital bearing critical injuries whereas five others were transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

The police authorities did not reveal any details regarding the crash. The identities of the injured were not revealed to the press.  The condition of the driver also remains unknown.

Scott Smith who is the owner of Rock Solid Protection, a security firm in El Paso stated that it was a wreck while racing and it shouldn’t happen again in the future. He stated that at times it’s the mud that directs the driver where to go and this is exactly what happened in this crash.

An eyewitness of the tragic incident stated that the scene was pretty ugly. They were there when the race started and as the race started; one of the trucks lost total control on the mechanism of the vehicle and it slammed into the pile of cars and people standing nearby. She said that a lot of people were transported via ambulance as it was quite a crash. According to many eyewitnesses, a medevac helicopter was also spotted at the scene. The official number came out to be 8, but people present at the incident stated that the real number is way more than 8.

According to the reports, three more vehicles were struck after the initial racetrack crash. The cause of the crash is still unknown. The vehicles will be tested to find out the core reason for skidding into the mud away from the track

The racetrack which is located in Fabens, Texas is approximately 40 miles southeast of El Paso, making it only less than a mile away from the border of Mexico.