Celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly dives deep into the relationship of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky stating that the couple shares an amazing bond built on balance and harmony.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are known as one of the coolest couples on the block and they are effortlessly loved by everyone.

The pair is known for their chilling sessions and vibing together but would it remain the same once they hit parenthood? Celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly comes forward to check out the star charts of the couple.

Rihanna had revealed back in January that she is expecting her first child with her long-term boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

Aliza Kelly revealed that the couple shares a dynamic bond which is “really defined by balance, harmony, and perhaps most importantly, compromise.”

She further stated “In astrology, your Moon represents your emotions, your sensitivities, and your winner world,” Kelly explains, pointing out that Rihanna is a Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, and Aries Rising. “Rihanna was born with her Moon in Aries, the spirited fire sign associated with spontaneity, impulsivity, competition, and a quick temper.”

Aliza Kelly further stated that the planet associated with love and beauty is Venus, which happens to be ruled by Aries – the star of Rihanna. This defines a lot about the kind of people she wants to keep around her and the kind of people she is attracted towards, “very independent, free-thinking individuals who do not give a s— about others opinions.” She called Rihanna “an extremely autonomous and self-directed individual” who “appreciates those qualities in others, especially as it relates to matters of the heart.”

On the other hand, A$AP Rocky is a Libra by the sun and Cancer by the moon.

Kelly stated that his Libra sign is directly opposite to Rihanna’s conjunction of planets.

She said,” it illuminates the area of her chart known as the Descendant, which is associated with a partnership.” These types of opposition are “actually really dynamic,” “Aries is all about ‘me’ and Libra is all about ‘we,’ but both of these signs are on a pursuit to self-actualize in really, really meaningful ways.”

Kelly stated this made the rapper challenge his long-term girlfriend to “think about self-discovery not just through independence, but also through the concept of an extremely committed relationship.”

He is the perfect companion for Rihanna as he knows how to “prioritize quality time, words of affirmation and cuddling.”

“It’s possible that A$AP will inspire her to be a little more public with their parenting styles, but based on Rihanna’s chart, I would imagine that she’s really going to want to shield her baby from media frenzy as much as possible,” she says.

Astrologer Aliza Kelly predicted that she thinks this might not be the only delivery from Rihanna this year. There might be an album on the way by the end of 2022 by the diva. On the other hand, she said A$AP Rocky is excited to become [email protected] Rocky and Rihanna can rest in the ease that her partner is as excited about parenthood as herself.