The curator of the house has estimated that the art, paintings, and statues that were damaged due to the riots at Capitol Hill can cost around $25,000 to repair.

Farar Elliot, who is serving as a curator has requested to provide funds. He has claimed that the affected pieces of art could take weeks to get restored. Most of them were found damaged in the corridors adjacent to the House chamber.

According to reports, the US Capitol building is not insured and the losses incurred due to the mob attack on the Capitol have to be paid by the US taxpayers.

The organization responsible for the daily maintenance of the building may have to bear some costs.

A large number of Trump supporters took to the streets on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, and attacked the Capitol Hill building. The House of Representatives had to undergo an emergency evacuation.

As the demonstrations in Washington turned violent, Mayor Bowser ordered the people to restrict their movement in the wake of the curfew.

Five people had died and several injured in the Capitol Riot. The FBI and police managed to detain more than 400 protestors.

Farar Elliot has reported that busts of Joe Cannon, Martin, and the portraits are damaged and require restoration.