The movie Artemis Fowl looks like it’s an adaptation of the Harry Potter movie but it is not that well made. The one and a half hour movie ends with a vague impression in the audience’s mind.

It was released on Disney+ during the pandemic time for children to watch.

The movie sets in a fictitious world where the lead character Artemis, played by the young actor Ferdia Shaw, has to save his father from a danger that has been fabricated from myths and fantasies.

The story sets in Ireland where a father raises his son with tales of mythic humanoids. When his father disappears suddenly, the boy knows it has something to do with these creatures from fairy tales.

He has to find an object with mystic powers to fight the evil fairies and goblins to get his father back.

In his quest, he gets help from two of these fairytale creatures.

By the middle of the movie, the plot becomes chaotic as many characters are introduced and it becomes difficult to be followed by the audience. The movie has good characters but there are many shortcomings in the plot that must be covered.

The filmmakers have tried to throw in all the essentials to make a good storyline but the plot seems to have failed altogether.

Disney seems to have misjudged the movie by considering it to be the biggest new hit. They wanted to air its debut on television and expected it to be a hit.

The director is worthy of praise for trying to attempt a movie where he combines seriousness with excitement.

The filmmakers have made the mistake of raising the expectations to such a level that they couldn’t meet it. However, all the damage has not been done. They can still make compensations in the upcoming sequel of the movie.