Arizona retailer Meta PCs, the computer company for gamers, challenged Facebook’s new name, “Meta”. The company claims to file a trademark for the name a year ago.

A week ago, Meta PCs were nothing more than an unremarkable retail outlet for PCs, software, and laptops.

On Thursday, after the tech giant Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced the new name of Facebook, Meta PCs found itself in an IP war with the world’s biggest organization.

Meta PC was in luck as the company trademarked the name a few months before Facebook announced it as their own. A document that TMZ shared revealed, Meta PC filed for the trademark in August, almost a year after it came into being.

The founder of the Meta PC, Zack Shutt, told the Guardian that his company filed for the trademark last year in November. Until this week, his team was totally unaware of Facebook’s plans to use the same title, “Meta,” for its rebranding.

Shutt and co-founder Joe Darger said to TMZ that the company wouldn’t sell the name a dollar less in $20 million if Facebook attempts to get the name. Shutt did not respond to request for further comments due to legal concerns – said the Guardian.

An insider told the news outlet that the company is not worried about getting their name stolen as they possess all the legal rights over the name.

However, as per professor Mark P McKenna, from the University of California, there could be some loopholes in the trademark application that Meta PCs filed. Facebook can manipulate them to acquire the name.

One such measure could be filing a trademark application in a different country and using the exact date on which the application is filed in the US. It is a common practice among big companies. 

“They look for a little country without a searchable system and then file there”. Said the professor to Guardian. “That would be a way for them to have an earlier date.”

He further said, “trademark registration does not explicitly define the company rights in the US in this regard”.

He said, “In the US, rights aren’t created by trademark registration – the rights arise out of use,”

Despite the threatening situation, the company seems to come up with fun ways to tackle the situation.

On Thursday, Shutt made a similar video to the one Zuckerberg made when announcing the new name for Facebook.

In the video, he said, “To reflect who we are and what we hope to build, I’m proud to announce that we are now Facebook,”

The company also posted a fun Tweet in which the Facebook CEO was holding their product.


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