A key part of abortion law in Arizona was blocked by a judge, which would’ve assisted the prosecutors to make felony charges on the doctors who perform abortion knowingly just because the fetuses had genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome.

US District Judge Douglas Rayes gave out a verdict on Tuesday that he is thrashing another provision of the contradictory law, which would’ve led the prosecutors to charge doctors who performed abortions.

The judge described the provision of this criminal law as “unconstitutionally vague” and also he failed to understand when would the doctors know about the genetic abnormality of the fetus.

The judge also cleared that the new law won’t prohibit abortions because of a genetic abnormality and nowhere does it stops the doctors from aborting if such abnormality has been known.

Judge Douglas Rayes stated, “the provision essentially requires providers to mislead their patients into believing that their constitutionally protected choice is unlawful and would make it less likely that women will know they have the right to terminate a pregnancy because of a fetal genetic abnormality.”

The honorable judge also profusely refused to hold the “personhood” provision which exclaimed that the state will be interpreting all the laws, which are to confer the rights of people of the unborn children.

As the US Supreme Court turns down the blocking of abortion law in Texas, more Republican-backed states have emerged to back abortion laws across the country. The Republican-controlled states have started to make efforts to ban abortion in the majority of the state or at least restrict it.

This year there were 90 new restrictions for abortion, which is the highest number of restrictions in past decades.

Genetic abnormality abortions or Down syndrome abortions gained popularity especially in the Republican-controlled states like South Dakota and Arizona.

The Center for Reproductive Rights called out the judge for a controversial verdict stating that the law itself is so vague that it will prohibit the doctors from performing the abortion at any time because of the fear of criminal prosecution.