The article will help out the gamers to decide whether or not to buy new consoles. And if you wish to buy one, how to find the one that’s perfect for you. 

The very first review is concerning the availability of games that are compatible with new consoles. 

Having ordered a new console, a gamer generally becomes highly concerned with the games compatible with the machine. What frustrates many gamers is that Xbox suggests them to find Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West on PS4. 

Now given the details of other games for which an uncertainty remains, is it even a wise decision to go for the latest Xbox or PS5?

Many gamers have shared their view on the new consoles. One person has taken things too far by ranking his PC better than buying any of these. However, with this, he mentions a plus point of Sony that they are now providing PC-like storage. 

Another user conducted a detailed analysis and said that he is super thrilled to be among the first people to get the S series of Xbox. Anyhow, he still didn’t compare the latest consoles, because to him after using a PC they both seem pretty same. 

A few users discussed the pricing plans. They mentioned that both the consoles would cost them less than playing on a PC.

Another person shows very neutral views about the latest consoles. As he does not notice any game that he cannot find in his old gaming systems.

A major difference that comes in new consoles is the hardware which makes it pricey.

However, the new editions would force users to buy new consoles. And despite every detail taken into account the PS5 and Xbox series S will get the sale they have targeted.