Technology Giant Apple is among the top ten tech companies in the world. Its phones and other products are used everywhere globally and that makes it a company that has to be very careful about its reputation and work. On Tuesday, the company revealed that it was going to assist the government by tracking citizens through its maps.

The company said that they wanted to help the government tackle the US health crisis as the pandemic seems to be getting worse day by day. Apple delivered a bunch of totaled data, revealing how individuals have been moving. The data included the individuals’ reports for three months.

It included rates of walking, usage of cars and public vehicles, etc. According to the data, a large number of people were mostly at home.

However, the main question is whether it is right or wrong to keep such a track? Is it not an invasion of the public’s privacy?

Apple clarified the same concern in a public statement. The company stated that it was only sharing the data to curb the spread of the virus.

It also said that the company does not know a particular individual’s whereabouts. Information is sent from the user’s maps without any invasion of anyone’s privacy.

Apple said that the company does not keep a track of a user. Apple also clarified that this data was a short time thing and will not be repeated once things get better. The client area information is being revealed to help the authorities and curb the coronavirus.

Even though Apple’s act was just a help to the authorities, it makes a lot of people think about what the company is truly capable of. The tech giant can gather any user’s information in a matter of a few seconds.

And if Apple is capable of this, what else can it be capable of? And are other tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook capable of the same? Facebook has already been known for its invasion of user’s privacy and the information it has over people.