The battle between Apple and Epic Games, the Fortnite developer, is still going strong.

The fight is over Apple’s in-app payment system and the 30% cut it takes on in-app payments. The tech giant claims that it will shut down Epic Games’ developer account, and will revoke developer privileges on August 28, 2021.

Last week, Apple asked the developer to remove the ‘Epic direct payment feature that bypasses Apple’s in-app payment system, while counting seven beans for Epic Games and three for Apple for each purchase.

Meanwhile, the developer has claimed that Apple is mulling to collect 30% of the payments and block Fortnite to prevent their interest.

The tech giant has declared that if the company is to succeed in its duel against capsizing Apple’s App store rules, it would adversely impact passionate gamers. However, Apple has ardently declared that this lawsuit is nothing but a carefully planned publicity campaign to recover the lost interest in Fortnite.

According to Apple, the additional 30% tax it levies on developers is normal and remains the same for people all across the country. This doesn’t sit too well with the makers of Fortnite, who have accused the billion-dollar company of practicing “in competitive behavior.”

In response, Apple disclosed its plan of action against Epic Games in front of a California Federal court on Thursday. It refutes Epic Games’ claim that Apple users using the App Store are an “independent market” on which Apple has full authority over.

Apple also declared that it spends a huge chunk of money in developing the user interface of its store and thus, the handsome fee that they charge is fairly justified. It also attacked Epic and openly stated that the company itself had benefited immensely from the app store, pointing out to the $700 million that it garnered from its users in the years when Fortnite was a popular game on the App Store. Apple also went on to criticize the extravagant campaign that Epic Games launched along with the lawsuit that did nothing but make the company look like a victim of Apple’s cruelty.

This battle between the two companies play a vital role in deciding the future outcome of the digital market. Regardless of what the result may be, it is important to note that Apple has been under constant scrutiny by various developers around the world.