Many tech enthusiasts all around the world were waiting for Apple to introduce its new line of smart devices and that moment arrived on Tuesday, October 13.

The tech event unveiled the latest iPhone 12 product line along with other long-awaited gadgets on the list. During the event, Apple introduced different variants of iPhone in a virtual event. Last month, Apple launched its dazzling Apple Watch 6 and its latest iPad Air 4.

The company’s newly launched flagship smartphones have a 5.4-inch screen for the mini version whereas iPhone 12 max have a screen of 6.1 inches. Upon further speculations, the phones have dual rear cameras as well.

Meanwhile another powerful smartphone, iPhone 12 Pro have an even larger screen than the previously speculated iPhone Pro Max, i.e. a 6.7-inch display.

The remaining of the launch event discussed Home Pod mini, a cheaper variant of Home Pod speaker coming with improved Siri smarts. The price tag of Home Pod mini will be lower than its earlier variant.

This new smart speaker is in the form of a sphere. It comes in a dual-color variation of white and grey. Providing the best sound quality with minimal distortion of sound and controlling the dynamic range. The very functional use of these speakers includes pairing them all together; this allows the users to enjoy it throughout their homes.

Another exciting launch for the day includes Air Pods Studio or Power Beats Pro 2. This provides a chance for Apple to have its first launch of over-ear headphones. The design is adapted to the recent market requirements with the properties of noise-cancellation and uniqueness in its design. These will act as fierce competitors for market rivals like Bose and Sony.