People are glued to their screens, and their eyes are red from all the nights they have stayed awake watching nothing but the news. It would not be an overstatement to say that the entire world awaits the fate of America.

Anxiety levels are high as one more day goes by without the swing states bringing the election to a close – as ballot-counting continues. People are dying to know whether Donald Trump will be returning to the White House or bidding farewell to it.

As election results keep getting extended, the country is being rioted by mass demonstrations in all regions. Although this was deemed inevitable, no one was aware of its magnitude.

On one side, Trump supporters are protesting against Biden for ‘stealing the elections’ and are asking for recounts. On the other side, thousands of people are taking part in anti-Trump rallies demanding that ballot counting should go on.

During a debate with Donald Trump earlier in September, Joe Biden denied the existence of an Antifa force. Instead, he claimed that Antifa was simply an ‘idea’ not an ‘organization’ posing any threat.

However, on Wednesday evening there was a strike initiated by Antifa protestors in Denver. Around 150-200 people came out on the streets in hopes of getting their voices heard by stirring up some trouble.

Videos of the march got quickly noticed on Twitter with protesters sharing short clips of the turbulence to keep everyone updated. The slogans these protesters raised are a concern as the Antifa rioters chanted “No Borders. No Walls. No U.S.A at all”

While protestors marched with their anti-fascist banners, a song cursing the police was heard playing in the background. Not just that, these leftists were seen vandalizing walls with spray paints and were also caught setting Trump’s campaign flag on fire.

As they burned away the blue lines on the flag, they chanted “whose land?” referring to America, to which the mob replied “Indigenous land”

It is clear that if Trump comes out victorious in the 2020 elections, no one will be able to control the mayhem that will ensue.