Anna Faris opens up for the first time about the struggle she went through after her first divorce from her husband Ben Indra. The celebrated comedian and actress recall the “hard” and “liberating” period that she experienced in 2008 after she split up with her then-husband.

Anna Faris confessed that she started noticing a “shift” taking place in her personality after her divorce from her first husband.

She calls herself a “divorce veteran” now, as she has been divorced twice. Faris recently made an appearance on the podcast called Dear Chelsea where she opened up about her divorce and the aftermath.

Faris stated, “I’m like a divorce veteran because I’ve been divorced twice.” “There’s this kind of shift that happens. It hit hard the first time. I turned into somebody that I didn’t recognize.”

American Actor Ben Indra

Anna Faris married Ben Indra at the beginning of 2004 but the couple parted ways in 2008. The next year she married famous actor Chris Pratt but the couple filed for divorce in 2017. They also have a 9-year-old son called Jack.

She further recalled her struggle after the split as “I was always the kind of person that had their fridge filled. And I hosted a lot of dinners. That was back when I had friends. But then I found myself in this apartment with just beer and mustard in the fridge. I was going out all the time. I had no one to text or call and say, ‘Hey, can I do this,’ essentially.”

The “funny bunny” actress also talked about her experience with her current marriage with cinematographer Michael Barrett and being a stepmom to the children of her current husband. The couple tied the knot after meeting on the set of the film “overboard”.

Faris talked about love openly after being divorced twice. She stated that she believes it’s a slow process of accepting love especially when you are younger. She also revealed that she has always been very self-conscious about the way she looks and her body and “wasn’t a good lover” and this also tampered with her relationships previously.

“My mom never complimented my physical appearance,” she said. “I was such a late bloomer — I had chubby cheeks, I wore headgear for (expletive) years. I think my parents did that to me because they wanted me to stay a virgin,” she further added, “that was one of the struggles in my life for sure.”

Anna Faris concluded that she always enjoyed the compliments she received for her acting but has struggled when people complimented her looks or appearance as it affected her negatively causing her insecurities to grow more.