As today is Anna Delvey’s birthday, she is free to celebrate in any manner that she sees fit.

Anna Delvey recently celebrated her 32nd birthday with a dinner party at home in New York City (After all, she is restricted to being in her home because of house arrest). Her run-ins with the law and arrest had been depicted on the Netflix show Inventing Anna.

So, what happened at the unconventional birthday party? She had many old friends to celebrate her special day in an unorthodox manner.

“I was grateful to have such incredible support from my NYC friends to be able to celebrate at my apartment in a way that I haven’t been able to for several years,” Delvey exclusively told E! News. “I’m so grateful to be in NYC where we could all come together for a really fun night.”

Altorrin was in charge of Delvey’s appearance for the event, while Avery Golson, an employee of See Management, was responsible for her hair and cosmetics.

Her event, which was only open to those on her guest list and was hosted by Profanity Paraffins, also featured a seasonal tasting menu designed by Chef Ryan Hackney of Citizens & Culture. This was a significant upgrade from Delvey’s previous birthday celebration, which took place behind the bars.

“It was difficult to celebrate on my birthday last year due to both being quarantined for COVID and to the permanent uncertainty of my situation,” Delvey recalled. “I was laser-focused on the development of my detainment status and working towards pursuing a release.”

In 2017, Delvey was accused of impersonating the daughter of a German oil billionaire in order to scam banks, hotels, and other elites in New York City into funding her opulent lifestyle. Two years later, she was found guilty of attempting to commit grand larceny, larceny in the second degree, and theft of services.

Delvey was given a sentence ranging from four to twelve years in jail, but she was granted parole in February of 2021 and then imprisoned by immigration officials for exceeding the length of her visa.

Since that time, Delvey, who is now required to wear an ankle monitor, has been putting her spare time into the development of her artwork and pursuing many other interests.