The Hollywood icon, Angelina Jolie invited the Vogue UK crew to her extravagant family home for a two-day visit to cover the story for the March 2021 issue.

While talking to them, Jolie shared her experiences and exclaimed how eagerly she is looking forward to turning 50.

Not only she talked about her life in general but about her mental health in particular, and how she is tackling her everyday demons. Usually, we see celebrities maintaining a picture-perfect image of themselves, but the 45-year-old, Maleficent actress was very candid and truthful about herself.

When Jolie was asked if she is happy with her life, she very humanly accepted that things have been tough since her break-up with Brad Pitt, in 2016. She admitted that the past few years – following her divorce – was not easy. But with the passage of time, she is trying to make her way slowly and steadily. Currently, she is focusing on her family. Although it’s taking some time, she said that she was feeling better with each passing day.

Other than this, she also proved that her family comes first for her. As she bought the house nearer to Brad Pitt so that her children are not deprived of father’s love. It not only shows her deep love for her children, but it also gives a strong message that no matter what, the children must not suffer.

Moreover, she is looking forward to getting older. The ‘Eternal’ actor told Vogue that she likes getting older. She is more comfortable in her forties than when she was young.

Remembering her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away at the age of 56, Jolie exclaimed that her mother passed away young and she is curious to find out what lies in the future. She is very much looking forward to her 50s and she believes that she will hit her stride.

No matter how eager this action actress is to age, her children want her to take a few precautions like, stop jumping on a trampoline because she will hurt herself.