Andy Cohen confessed that he has one regret regarding the New Year’s Eve show on live tv.

He stated that he “really regrets” criticizing Ryan Seacrest on live tv.

The 53-year-old star made some stirring drunken comments while he hosted CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” special along with his friend Anderson Cooper.

Andy Cohen ran against the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio which yearned a lot of attention.

The actor stated that “the only thing he wishes he hadn’t done was launch a barrage of negative remarks about ABC’s rival program ‘Dick Clark’s new year’s rockin’ eve’ and its host.”

He stated on his Sirius XM show Andy Cohen Live that “The only thing that I regret saying, the only thing is that I slammed the ABC broadcast and I really like Ryan Seacrest and he’s a great guy. And I really regret saying that, and I was just stupid and drunk and feeling it.”

“There’s lots of smoke coming from Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers that are performing behind us. I mean, with all due [respect] if you’ve been watching ABC tonight, you’ve seen nothing. I’m sorry. It’s true.

“I just got doused in confetti from the fake Journey appearing on ABC. If it’s not Steve Perry, it doesn’t count! You get it? It’s not Journey! It’s propaganda! It’s propaganda! It’s not Journey! It’s not Journey! No, that was not Journey. Steve Perry is Journey. No!”

The Bravo star admitted that he did get carried away!

He concluded on his radio program that “I was continuing the Journey rant and I just kept talking and I shouldn’t have. I felt bad about that. So that is the only thing. It’s the only thing… That is what I really regret. I really do.”

Andy’s co-host, John Hill, noted the “headline was what sucked” in the subsequent coverage of his pal’s rant because it appeared he was aiming at Ryan himself.

He noted: “I thought the moment you understood the context.”

Andy agreed: “Exactly, that’s the problem. Yeah. The headlines about Ryan Seacrest are all like I trash Ryan Seacrest. I hope he hears the clip.”

He posted on Instagram stating “I was a hair over-served last night, but man, did I have fun! I hope you did too. Happy New Year everybody.”