Independent investigators hired by the Attorney General of New York Letitia James dropped the bombshell on New York governor Andrew Cuomo. The independent investigation concluded that the allegations and accusations on governor Cuomo regarding sexual harassment are true.

Letitia James, the New York Attorney General released the independent investigation report, which comes to an ends after a thorough search and investigation of five months. The report concluded that governor Cuomo did harass multiple women sexually which included current and former state employees as well. He was found engaged in unwanted kissing, groping, hugging, and often making inappropriate and obscene remarks.

Attorney General James stated,

“it is a sad day for New York because the independent investigators have concluded that governor Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, and, in doing so, broke the law.”

She further thanked all the women who came forward and shared their painful ordeal at the hands of Andrew Cuomo enabling the independent investigators to unearth the raw truth.

Attorney General James assured that no man is allowed to harass women or violate human rights laws, no matter how powerful he is.

During the painstaking five months of investigation, multiple women were interviewed along with credible witnesses who provided corroborated evidence against Cuomo. Governor Andrew Cuomo was also part of the investigation and answered questions by the investigators after undertaking an oath.

According to the released report, the governor denied serious allegations multiple times and tried to fabricate facts and evidence by offering “blanket denials” or simply stating that he has a “lack of recollection as to specific incidents.”

Future of Cuomo – resign or impeach?

As soon as the report was made public, demands for resignation started coming from all corners of life. Andrew Cuomo came under heavy scrutiny throughout the sexual harassment allegations but the report seems to be the last nail in the coffin.

Just hours after the report was made public, President Joe Biden demanded Cuomo to resign himself while condemning his acts of sexually harassing multiple women. President Joe Biden has been very vocal about the severity of the allegations and had stated earlier that if proven, Cuomo must resign voluntarily.

If not resigned, Mr. Cuomo will be impeached and he might also face a criminal probe separately.

The state legislature might decide to impeach him if he doesn’t resign voluntarily.

More than 200 women were interviewed and investigated throughout the investigation. Mr. Andrew Cuomo was also accused of making a “hostile and toxic work environment” for his employees where the freedom of speech was minimal and his rules were said to be abided at all times.

Mr. Andrew Cuomo does not have much choice left now, either voluntary resignation or prepare himself to face the impeachment trial which the state legislatures would opt for if he remains in the seat.