Governor Andrew Cuomo’s senior adviser has told Democratic state lawmakers that the New York government took months to release data regarding the number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.

Many Republican officials have criticized Cuomo’s conduct during the pandemic, and want him to resign immediately.

Melissa DeRosa, secretary to Cuomo, confessed to freezing the data regarding the number of COVID-19 infected deaths in nursing homes. She has apologized.

The situation is worsening for Andrew Cuomo as many people are demanding his resignation. It has become obvious now that the Cuomo administration failed to address the situation. It was on his directives that they decided to hide the actual number of people who died in New York nursing homes due to the coronavirus.

She has also claimed that the cover-up was done on the pretext that the increasing number of deaths reported can be used against them.

The Republican members have termed his move a ‘cover-up’. They also want him to resign from his position. On the other hand, the Democrats have lashed out at the administration for what they call ‘lack of transparency’.

DeRosa’s admission came in the wake of the Democratic governor already facing criticism for not addressing the issue regarding data cover-up in connection with the number of deaths in New York nursing homes.

In recent weeks, the concerned authorities in New York have acknowledged that the death toll in New York nursing homes is a lot more than the previously reported.

Donald Trump had criticized Cuomo for showing lack of responsibility to address nursing home deaths. The Justice Department had requested the officials of the Cuomo administration to present data on nursing home deaths.