Andrea Constand, who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault that led him to conviction in 2018, is now speaking up in her recent interview after the court overturned the accused’s conviction on procedural grounds. She calls him a “sexually violent predator with “0 remorse.”

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Cosby’s conviction made Andrea Constand “Disappointed and shocked”. In an interview with TODAY Tuesday, she said, Didn’t surprise me, given the level of arrogance and having no remorse. During the time he was incarcerated, there was absolutely zero remorse for what he did to me.

“He’s a sexually violent predator who basically was let out of jail.

Cosby, who is now 84, was sentenced in 2018 on three counts of indecent assault for slapping and drugging Andrea Constand in the year 2004. He was out after serving three years of the sentence.

Upon his release from jail, he tweeted, “I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence. Thank you to all my fans, supporters, and friends who stood by me through this ordeal. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rule of law.”

The Supreme Court made this decision based on the district’s attorney promise that was made in 2005. According to that, Cosby would never be criminally charged. However, since he was sentenced to 10 years, they had violated Cosby’s due rights.

Constand, on the court’s statement, said, when did the district attorney make him a promise? She is now aware of anything like that. 

“How can a district attorney enforce a decision on a backroom handshake?” And added, “How can you give any credibility to that?”

After getting released, Cosby hinted at everyone by saying he would like to go back on a comedy tour. 

Constant stated, “I don’t really care,” and aggressively added, “But anybody that gives him a platform to speak, to joke — rape is not a joke.”

Cosby’s former co-star Phylicia Rashad from “The Cosby’s Show” tweeted while celebrating his fellow actor’s release, “a terrible wrong has been righted, a miscarriage of justice is corrected.”

On that, Constand replied, “It’s disappointing to hear somebody who is in such a powerful position herself not to support survivors,”

Later posting that tweet, Rashad apologized to her students at Howard University and corrected herself that she would never support the sexual assault, and neither her tweet was directed to the victims of sexual assault.

After that, Constand replied, “I’m really happy to hear that. That’s the statement that needed to be said.”

Andrea Constand also added that she would love to have a woman-to-woman conversation with Rashad. 

Despite the court’s decision, Constand did not stop for a moment for not accusing Cosby of what he did. She is one of the 60 women who went through Cosby’s assault. 

“I have come way too far to go back to that place to wonder whether it’s all worth it or to have regrets, she said. “It was worth it. It was worth it. All the pain, all the heartache, all the reputational damage, not only for me but my family. But it was worth it. Because I didn’t feel alone. I had a whole community, a whole army of women and other survivors, strangers, family, friends, who were right there with me.”