This is not for the first time that the racial justice system in the world’s most powerful democracy, the United States of America, is under speculation. After years of oppression, where the black people have suffered the most, the debate regarding the problem is a human rights issue or a political one remains intact to this day. The political elite has to protect its vote bank in the name of patriotism which seems more like perpetuating their false stance of equality.

It is indeed true that America has come a long way in terms of healing from the past issues related to racial violence, but the violent incidents since 2013 still paint a gloomy picture. Consider the hashtag “Black Lives Matter,” which became a historical movement when George Zimmerman was acquitted after shooting an unarmed black teenager from in Florida. The movement became even more intense after other high-profile deaths of African-American men in 2014. The police officers involved in the shooting incident were never indicted.

Fast-forwarding to 2020, another innocent African American man, George Floyd, met a similar fate at the hands of a white police officer. Again, the outcome was no different as far as the racial justice system in America is concerned. There is a long list of such brutalities against black people since 2014, but not much has been done to reverse the violent acts.

Ideally, the racial justice issue should never be considered as a political one. Why is that? Because every American national is supposed to have equal rights, irrespective of their skin color. Just like at the time of elections, everyone has the right to cast their vote, individuals also deserve the same concerning the justice system.

Living in America as a nation should never be about color as people from every walk of life have made significant contributions towards nation-building. The blacks and other racial groups have taken equal part during different wars fought in the past. Many cultural orientations have assimilated into the American culture from time-to-time which makes them proud American nationals. It is not just warring, but also many other fields where people of color have actively participated to keep the American dream alive.

To this date, the generations of the same persons are playing their roles in every field. Hence, it is high time that the whole American community unites to raise their voice against racial injustice by realizing that violence and bloodshed is a human rights violation!