White House has projected a model that predicts the range of cases of COVID-19 will decline till summer 2021. However, the stances before model vary as recorded from different doctors.

The model exactly states that death rate after June will decline. As per the experts of the field, the views differed on various subjects.

A statement from the director of the institute, affirms that social distancing is expected to last only at the end of the fifth month but that not be the means of end of the virus. Before this statement, other preventive measures i.e. tracing of a carrier, screening, on and off testing, etc. were taken into account.

However, according to the model, the virus was expected to end by the summers. That is not only impossible in the view of critics but is unreal under practicing of preventive measures.

Moreover, even if the virus could not come to an end, the measures will be practiced in social events. That can lead to the development of strategically new plans of prevention in health centers, workplaces, etc. which might prove more effective.

For the regulation of the economy, the measures will be under observation to get past the first wave. However, different protective systems will be adopted by territories until the development of the vaccine becomes a fact.

The developers of the model have claimed that it does not suggest the lifting of measures before August 2020. But as far as social distancing is concerned, it may result in fewer deaths.

Based on facts and suppositions, the alternates were from the conditions of other countries. Anyhow, internationally the model had been thought to be of no use as it was not working upon many variables.

Given the following situation, the model had been rejected, for it was useless to predict UK’s conditions based upon the analysis of America. As a response, the statements by the White House took a turn as they present different thought.

The model was not limited to the prediction of its elevation or deceleration. It had been to take in the account of necessary strategies, programs and resources in health centers mainly.

Under that context and according to surgeons of America, the model was useful and working in a different dimension.