The situation after COVID-19 is coming back to normal in Wuhan and the Americans living there are happy. These Americans believe that if they had been in their homeland, the situation would have been devastating.

Wuhan started recovering quite remarkably from COVID-19. In a few months, Wuhan became one of the cities where the coronavirus is contained while America is still suffering.

Around 300,000 people have died during the coronavirus in America and the numbers are still rising. According to an estimate, these many Americans were not even killed in the Second World War.

In America, the outbreak of the virus once again is posing an imminent threat to the population. The government has issued various warnings to the people to avoid making contact with each other physically.

The president of the United States was blamed on multiple occasions for arranging public gatherings where people were seen without masks. He even at times pointed out that this virus is nothing but a hoax and later was tested positive himself. This shows that the US administration did not take the situation seriously. Whereas, China was busy understanding the situation and responding to it promptly.

This is the reason that China has been able to bring life back to normal while America is still struggling. The difference in the approach of China and the US clearly identifies that America went in the wrong direction.

Wuhan is considered to be the birthplace of the coronavirus and the city was highlighted in the news several times. They even built a hospital in just 10 days to serve as a quarantine hospital for the COVID-19 patients.

As the city has recovered from the coronavirus, the same hospitals are now deserted. The government has no other plans for these hospitals but to use them in case of another outbreak.

Americans residing in China are critical of the steps being taken by the authorities in America. They believe that the government responded late and ignored the gravity of the situation.

They even believe that if they had stayed in their country, they would have been facing severe consequences of this pandemic. Their choice of residing in China, the birthplace of the virus, seems appropriate seeing the response of the authorities.