During the coronavirus pandemic, over 30 million people applied to claim unemployment benefits.

The US government has decided to create new jobs for Americans and has introduced two stimulus checks policies to aid the Americans during these difficult times.

The first and second stimulus checks also include aid for unemployed Americans. Unemployed Americans are willing to search for new jobs but the pandemic has threatened everyone and seems like it’s going to stay longer than expected.

For this purpose, the US government has introduced this stimulus package, and lots of people applied for it in July.

By the end of July, 3.1M jobless individuals filed for the aid, and the total number of cases have increased. But the number of people applying can decrease if companies start hiring people again.

The unemployment rate in July has fallen from 13.3% to 11.1%, which is a sign that the GDP of the country is on its way to recovery.

The U.S. is among the list of the most affected countries by the coronavirus. New York, Texas, and Florida are the most affected states.

About 4 million cases of coronavirus were confirmed, which is a bad news for the economy.

The government has introduced these policies to help the Americans to make ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic.