Amazon has almost increased its workforce by twofold in the year 2020. Amazingly, they have added about 1400 employees each day for the past year, hoping to increase this number.

Amazon is one of the fastest-growing companies globally, and this is all due to their innovative nature. They are certainly at the top with the most number of jobs created in the past decade, and they are still growing.

There is no particular field where the jobs are created; instead, every domain has grown substantially. All sorts of jobs, from warehouses to the head office, have shown extensive growth.

These jobs were not created temporarily to mimic the company’s growth, but the company needed to increase its workforce. All full-time jobs are covered by medical insurance as well.

Amazon is not ranked among the best places to work because of its salary packages, but for their perks as well. Amazon offers its employees additional value like medical insurance to full-time employees.

The increase in the workforce attributes to the pandemic where the people are forced to rely on companies like Amazon. This helped Amazon grow and increase their workforce and remained among the few companies to hire people this year.

The digital platform has increased the traffic on the website, and many web designers were hired to streamline the consumer experience. Similar jobs were created in almost every line-up because of the increasing demand as the consumers were locked in their homes.

But this significant increase in the workforce does not come without criticism, and Amazon was no different. They were constantly accused of not providing the sanitary arrangements for the employees in the light of the COVID-19.

Amazon has, however, increased their SOPs and introduced more than 100 precautions to put an end to this allegation. Amazon remains the number one organization when it comes to hiring people this year and for the past decade.

The increasing demand for online retailers like Amazon has been on the rise this year. It has been good news for the company as they continue to grow where other businesses are crippling down because of the lockdown.