Amazon has decided to utilize thermal cameras at its various storehouses and other buildings to check the temperature of the workers.

This will help find potential corona cases. The cameras are placed to check whether the warmth of the individuals is normal or not.

Thermal cameras scan individuals in a much faster way. Unlike forehead thermometers, they do not require individual contact or extra time.

Many of the Amazon employees had previously been reported as corona positive. Due to this news, many chosen authorities and associations insisted the company shut down its warehouses.

This is why Amazon has quickly started to adapt to a new way of screening the employees. In this manner, the company will be able to contain the virus without having to shut down its viral work buildings.

After the installation of the thermal meters, the authorities have allowed amazon to continue their work.

However, Amazon had to close six of its warehouses due to the coronavirus. Many of its workers were predicted to be positive and due to the rising cases in France, the company decided to shut down its buildings in some high-risk places.

According to the company’s employees, Amazon has set up thermal imaging at six of its storehouses in LA and Seattle.

If the cameras cannot tell the exact temperature of a person, amazon will be using a forehead thermometer later on. The tech giant has also decided to provide face masks and sanitizers.

Thermal imaging gained recognition after being used at airports. Each thermal camera costs more than five thousand dollars. The equipment for the camera installation is already getting set up at Amazon’s various storehouses.