In his first primetime address on Thursday, right after signing the auspicious American Rescue Plan, President Joe Biden has urged the American people to play their part to help him beat the coronavirus. He was very optimistic about the progress his administration has made to combat the virus. It infused a new ray of hope among the Americans who had been devastated by the deadly coronavirus.

President Biden has directed all the states, territories, and tribes to make sure that every eligible adult receives the coronavirus vaccine by May 1. He claimed that to achieve this goal, the federal government will ensure that relevant clinics, vaccine doses, and medical staff are readily available. He is hopeful that the battle against the pandemic can be won more quickly if these small landmarks are set up.

Joe Biden hinted that there might be a possibility of a small celebration on July 4. He urged the Americans to get themselves vaccinated along with their families, friends, and neighborhoods, helping the entire community to get vaccinated. He asked the Americans to continue following necessary precautions and SOPs to eradicate coronavirus from the country.

President Biden’s primetime address was 24 minutes long. He took time to discuss his struggle in the office in great detail. He criticized the policies of his predecessor. He discussed the tireless efforts that his administration has put in to curtail the virus and bring back normalcy in the lives of Americans.

I need you, the American people. Biden stated in his address. Almost 10% of the population of the United States of America is fully vaccinated and the Biden Administration plans to continue administering 2 million vaccines per day.

Scientists have warned the public about newer strands of the virus that are more deadly than the parent virus.

If the public continues to practice safety measures and other SOPs, these new variants can be defeated, otherwise, all the efforts will go in vain, and the situation will get even worse.