Baseball star Alex Rodriguez shared a heart-touching birthday message for his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis on his Instagram account. The couple were married from 2002 till 2008.

“Today I am celebrating someone very special in my life,” he wrote. “Someone who continues to make a difference in my daughters’ lives every day and has my eternal respect and admiration. A very happy birthday to you, Cynthia!!” wrote Alex Rodriguez gushing over his ex-wife from 13 years ago.

He continued, “You’ve always been a wonderful mother and role model to our two incredible daughters. You always put their needs first and have helped shape them into the strong young women they have become.” Rodriguez and Scurtis have two daughters together, Natasha, 17, and Ella, 13.

Scurtis is currently married to an entrepreneur and real estate agent, Angel Nicolas. Alex Rodriguez released a group of photos of himself with Scurtis and their daughters, as well as Scurtis with her current husband and kids.

“I’ve always said that when it comes to co-parenting, I’m extremely lucky because most people only have a 50-50 split of time with their kids. With us, it feels more like 100-100,” he went on adding, “Living in close proximity and working together despite busy schedules has allowed both of us to remain integral and active in the development of two young women whose future is limitless. And I have you to thank in large part for that.” The entire post seemed like a genuine heartfelt effort towards the ex-wife, wishing her well and commending her for her kindness, care and love.

Alex Rodriguez ended his post by saying, “Here’s to you on your special day, Cynthia. Thank you for giving me the greatest two gifts any man could have.”

Rodriguez and Scurtis might not have had the smoothest divorce at the time, with reports of infidelity during their marriage as well, the pair now seems on good, heartwarming terms. It has been 8 months since Rodriguez split with his ex-fiancé Jennifer Lopez, and things look very promising for Lopez as she’s back with her former beau Ben Affleck.