For people who enjoy checking in the airport during their trips, an airport in Taiwan has come up with an interesting process for the avid on boarders to book a flight, go through the screening process and then get on board to just sit and relax.

Certain people tend to enjoy the feeling of getting their tickets and getting on board in the airplane more than the actual travel. A Taiwanese airline came up with a way of recreating that excitement.

According to the New York Post, Taipei Songshan airport got a turnout of around 7000 guests who were interested in booking a trip to nowhere in early July. Out of these applicants, only 60 were selected for the airport trips that would continue in the coming weeks as well.

International travel is discouraged by the country’s authorities unless an emergency comes up. 

The selected participants were given boarding passes and went through the normal scrutiny process for travel abroad. After which a China Airlines plane awaited the boarding of passengers, which is a major carrier in Taiwan. 

Due to the global pandemic, a new name for the airline was being sought due to the association of the current name with the virus originated country.

According to the report of the post, the participants were compelled to follow the SOPs by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks while communicating with the crew and appreciating the safety policy adopted by the airport and its staff in combating COVID-19. 

Due to the strict orders of sealing the international borders, the island has only reported seven COVID-19 related deaths.