William Barr, the current Attorney General of the United States, has instructed the United States Department of Justice to investigate voting irregularities during the presidential election. This comes following the claims by the Trump administration that there had been widespread irregularities in the vote-counting process across the country.

In a memo issued on Monday, Barr addresses several officials including the Director of FBI Christopher Wray, United States attorneys, and other officials. He stated that such an investigation into the voting process is a necessary step to uphold the integrity of the electoral process.

Barr in his memo mentioned that whilst the country has seen a record number of voters participate in the elections, the Justice Department must supervise the conduct of the elections to provide confidence in the results.

He encouraged state attorneys to conduct investigations into cases of voting irregularity within their jurisdictions. Barr has already given the authorization to the Justice Department to pursue such cases.

Republican officials had written a letter to William Barr and asked him to investigate the vote-counting process. The Republican Party, led by Donald Trump, is vocal in their protests of the electoral process, calling for the strict implementation of voter scrutiny to protect from voter fraud.

The Trump campaign has filed legal disputes in several states where there were said to be reported cases of voting irregularities. Barr stated that whilst many cases are not large enough to have an impact on elections, some may be able to swing the results in certain states.

Barr only authorized the use of DOJ resources in states where credible cases of voter fraud have emerged. Looking into every reported case would cause the DOJ to lose its credibility, as well as undermine the political process of governance in the country.

Acknowledging the powers the Justice Department holds in its investigation, Barr emphasized that such an order would serve to better the electoral process for future generations.