Portland mayor has admitted to the fact that he has failed to tackle the Antifa anarchists. To manage the situation, the mayor has now requested the federal government to step in and help.

Ted Wheeler has used all the methods in the book to handle the situation, but so far nothing has worked. It is time that for Portland’s city administration to seek help in order to contain the situation.

Portland city has been the center of different protests ever since George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis. This is a difficult time for the police as people do not trust the police with their lives anymore.

Portland mayor does not want to hold back in this situation and wants to give a befitting response to those causing disturbance. The violent attacks made by Antifa are not to be taken lightly under any circumstance and response will come, the mayor said while commenting on the situation.

The officers were attacked multiple times with firebombs and this all happened on New Year’s Eve. The overall situation escalated to a point that the Portland police declared riot in the city.

The anarchist violations are becoming commonplace and the role of authorities needs to definitive in this scenario. The police can look into the matter, but without the Federal’s help, all effort will go in vain.

The city has been targeted by the anarchists throughout the year and there were several people arrested in this regard. But now only 19 have pending charges against them, while others are walking free.

Antifa has been creating trouble in the city as they claimed an autonomous region where no law will be applicable. Moreover, the authorities failed to respond to such claims and now the situation is getting worse.

At some point, the mayor admitted that he had been soft and his way of working is causing more problems, and he apologized to the public.

The riots on New Year‘s Eve are still baffling as people wanted to welcome the New Year with hope. Many firebombs were used and one of the Federal courthouses was destroyed.

Only a handful of people would want to see the world crippling down in front of their eyes. And unfortunately, these kinds of people are in majority in Portland. The anarchists are destroying the peace and happiness of the city, which the mayor wants to stop.